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Arequipa The White City

It has it all. Yes, absolutely everything you can imagine you can find it on the territory of the ‘White City‘. History, adventure, fabulous scenery, wildlife, cuisine, art, and much more is hidden in the Villa of Our Lady of the Assumption, the name of which was founded in 1540-, which is guarded tightly by its natural appeal more impressive: the Misti volcano.

If what you want is to change the routine of the city and breathe a bit of nature, this destination gives you to know The countryside is waiting for you, so that you can appreciate the moderna city, from the outside -where it is still preserved traditions and locations, old - surrounded by beautiful landscapes full of green. In the viewpoints of Yanahuara, Sachaca or Carmen Altoyou can appreciate the amazing scenarios that gives this destinor cheap. You have many reasons to that the next time that you have to plan your vacation in this tourist destination.

Visa requirements

No visa is required for citizens of the EU. All others need a visa.

Languages Spoken

Spanish and English

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city tour in arequipa


Cúltural Perú te ofrece las mejores Excursiones y tours en Arequipa.

city tour in arequipa

City Tour in Arequipa Half Day

1/2 Day
We offer the tours City Tour Arequipa. The charming colonial architecture, the sights and the five volcanoes nearby have given to Arequipa the title...
Tour al Cañon del Colca y Lago Titicaca 2 Dias

Tour al Cañon del Colca y Lago Titicaca 2 Dias

2 Days / 1 Night
Visite uno de los cañones más profundos del mundo y disfrute el vuelo de los cóndores antes de cruzar el altiplano en esta excursión...
Tour al Cañon del Colca 2 Dias

Tour al Cañon del Colca 2 Dias

2 Días / Noche
Visita el Cañon del Colca en Arequipa y observa el magnífico vuelo de los cóndores, un espectáculo majestuoso que se ha convertido en el deleite de los viajeros que visitan la zona...

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