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Perú a conutry of wonders, diverse It is said that there is a peru for everyone . It’s a coast, sierra and jungle culture adventure and nature. Lima, Cusco and machu picchu. Urban, cultural and archaeological tourism. Let yourself be surprised by our pre- inca past on the coast. Trujillo and Chiclayo are waiting for you on the moche road iquitos and puerto maldonado are the door to our amazon and its biodiversity. Enviable landscapes of welcoming views .

Peru is gastronomy, folklore, but above all culture.Chachapoyas and the ciudadela Kuelap, Ica, Nazca and its enigmatic líneas, Paracas, Puno, Lake Titicaca. Destinations declared cultural, natural and historial of the humanity. Living cultures, welcoming peolple and culinary flavor. it’s gettig too impressive to come to Perú.

Perú certainly has one of the best attractions ,and there is nothing better tan traveling to relaz and enjoya ll that the country has to offer. here is a guide to tourist destinations in Peru. The best way to plan you next trip is to do it in advance, so you save time. you may have many options in mind but here we give you a complete guide to tourist destinations in Peru, that will depend on the activities you want to do.

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