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Destinos Turisticos en Peru – Excursiones y Tours en Nazca


NAZCA LINES – Excursiones y Tours en Nazca

The Nazca culture was developed in the rio Grande valley in the province of Nazca (current department of Ica). In his moment of greatest flowering ranged from Chincha, to the north, up the valley of Acarí in the south, in the province of Caraveli (Arequipa).
This culture was discovered by Max Uhle in 1901. Chronologically, it is located in the Intermediate Period Early, between year 10.C. until the year 700 d.C.

These ancient geoglyphs that dwell in the desert of the towns of Nazca and Palpa, in the region of Ica (south of Lima, the peruvian capital) are unknown even to archaeologists as the more experienced. No one knows who, how and why you made them.

Even, there are theories that these historic strokes (driven by the swiss scientist Erich Von Däniken), considered as a world Heritage site by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco), were made by beings that are not of this planet. This is, by aliens. However, as long as it solves the mystery of the Nazca lines to develop as a tourist attraction for both large and small.



Its imposing forms, made from a single stroke, and with a pulse that does not seem human, are liked by all who visit. Awesome where to be seen, but to see them in their heyday would have to take one of the three roads and paths: climb the mountains nearby (walking distance), to locate one of the observation towers that exist in the area (of up to 12 meters high), or hire the service of a small plane. In the latter, don't worry, that yes or yes will have a pilot in charge of the adventure through the skies.



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Excursiones y tours en nazca
tour Lineas de Nazca


Cúltural Perú te ofrece las mejores Excursiones y tours en Nazca.

tour Lineas de Nazca

Tour Lineas de Nazca y Sobrevuelo

1 Day
Lineas de Nazca, es un tour para disfrutar de un paseo en deslizador por las Islas Ballestas, compartirá en un lugar paradisiaco avistamiento de pingüinos y lobos marinos...
SobreVuelo Lineas de Nazca

Tour Nazca Lines in Private 1 Days

1 Dias
Una forma diferente de experimentar los más interesantes Geoglifico de las Lineas de Nazca, en un tour privado comensando desde Lima...

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