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Ica in the heart of the Pisco and Wine Industry in Peru and together with Paracas and Nazca, is one of the most interesting points on the southwest coast of the country. Ica is the best region in the country for the production of pisco and wine, offering tours to taste both products in its attractive haciendas and vineyards of historical value

Its city, populated by about 160 thousand inhabitants, is inland and is visited for its characteristic climate, always dry and sunny, and for the opportunity to know its vineyards loaded with history and tradition. A few kilometers from the city of Ica is Huacachina, an extremely attractive desert oasis for backpackers through the surrounding sand dunes. Ica is near Paracas. For this reason, it is possible to schedule wine and pisco tasting tours that last half a day or a full day. Alternatively, Ica can also be used as a base if what you want is to explore Paracas or fly over the Nazca lines.

Ica guide

Ica is home to a very large variety of vineyards and farms producing pisco. Hacienda Tacama and Hacienda Caravedo are two clear examples of this; places where traditional pisco production techniques are mixed with more modern processes of the industry.

About Ica

It was founded by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera in 1563 and is currently the capital of the department of Ica. It is located above 420msnm and is located 305 kilometers south of Lima, on the Pan-American Highway and 80 kilometers, inland, from the coastal city of Pisco. Within the city you will find churches from the colonial era, excellent museums and many annual festivities. If you go to Ica do not forget to try the different flavors of tiles, a delicious local sweet made from white delicacy or dulce de leche.

The Ica River waters more than 3000 square kilometers of land. The waters of Coclococha and Orococha, lakes of the department of Ica, come from the eastern slopes of Los Andres. Ica is surrounded by a desert famous for its iconic sand dunes and is an oasis famous for its grapes, which drive the ever-growing wine and pisco industry. Many of the distilleries and vineyards in Ica offer tours for its visitors.



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