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Destinos Turisticos en Peru – Excursiones y Tours en Lima

Destino Turistico de Lima

Lima the Capital of Peru Excursiones y tours en lima

City of experiences, is for those interested in the colonial monuments, enthusiasts of archaeology, collectors, arts and crafts, bird watchers, museum lovers, and passionate, from the beaches and tastemakers of good food.

The gastronomic capital not only of the Perorbut of South america, and -why not say it - soon the whole world: those who come to Lima is delighted by the varied, delicious and prestigious food that is served at their tables; with ancient recipes, dishes mixed with other cultures, and a time to be truly unique. 

However, to give a good deal and engreír your palate is not the only thing that will get in the streets of lima. Not for nothing is one of the most important regions, and visited the country of the incas, which has a host of activities, attractions and experiences for all tastes. If you're ready to combine history and adventure, the capital of Peru has to be your next destination.

When these tours, you will feel that the time goes by fast since always, but always, you'll have something what to do, what to discover or what to experience. The hotel offers with highest standards of quality are located in the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro, which are located centrally and strategically, very close to the sea (yes, with water activities such as surfing, among others, secured), and are safe for tourists. From these two points, it is very easy to move to various points of the city, as spaces are crowded.



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No visa is required for citizens of the EU. All others need a visa.

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Excursiones y tours en lima

Excursiones y Tours en Lima

Cúltural Perú te ofrece las mejores Excursiones y tours en Lima.

Circuito Magico del Agua en Lima

Circuito Magico de las Aguas en Lima

3 Horas
Podras disfrutar del maravilloso tour Circuito Mágico de las Aguas en el Parque de la Reserva de Lima, donde las fuentes ornamentales, luces láser y música se mezclan...
tour al santuario de pachacamac en Lima

Tour al Santuario de Pachacamac en Lima Medio Dia

1/2 Day
Learn about the culture, the traditions and the history of the inca Empire on a guided tour of the archaeological site of Pachacamac. Includes some amazing views of the Pacific ocean...
city tour Lima

Tour en Lima Ciudad Colonial Medio dia

1/2 Day
Lima Colonial, mas conocida como la ciudad de los Reyes. El Destino turistico Lima es considerado uno de los destinos gastronomicos más importantes del mundo, disfrute de la cultura peruana...

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